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Apr 11, 2019


Today we are fortunate to have with us the multi-talented Beth Azor, the founder and owner of Azor Advisory Services, a leading commercial real estate advisory and investment firm based in Southeast Florida. Quite simply, Beth is someone who continually pays it forward for those entering and in the real...

Apr 5, 2019


As part of the theme of today’s podcast my real estate brethren, we are initially going to channel that 1970’s disco classic “We Are Family,” a song which among other things helped inspire the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates to be World Series champions that year. Just as that ’79 Pirates team was...

Mar 21, 2019


Today is a real treat my real estate brethren, as I bring to you a friend that I have known since middle school - who over 20 years ago founded the trendsetting RKF Retail Holdings, and one of the premier and dominating retail real estate firms in the country - yes, it’s the chairman of RKF and Newmark...

Mar 4, 2019


Today we are lucky to have with us a true Renaissance man, a friend who has not only built a New York City investment sales juggernaut like none before it back in the 1980’s, but also someone who made the Territory Network™ for broker market intelligence and specialization famous, and who now intends -...

Feb 19, 2019


Today’s guest is one of CBRE’s rising stars, namely Zachary Price. Zac, who is a Vice President in their Global Advisory & Transaction Services group, is responsible for business development and transaction implementation on behalf of clients he secured, as well as several of CBRE’s global and...