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Apr 7, 2020




Willy Walker, an avid skier, cyclist, family man and Boston Marathon runner who once clocked in with an outstanding time of 2:36, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walker & Dunlop, one of the largest commercial real estate finance companies in the United...

Mar 4, 2020


Although stated in a different context by David Byrne recently during his hit Broadway show American Utopia, Matt Giffune, the co-founder of Occupier, does have a bit in common with Mr. Byrne when it comes to the benefits of collaboration. Just as David said, “By giving more, I get more,” the same can...

Feb 25, 2020



Today’s guest is Brad Gerla, an Executive Vice President at CBRE and the 2014 award winner for REBNY’s Sales Brokers Most Ingenious Deal of the Year Award for 11 Madison Avenue. Given the manner in which Brad exudes a youthful yet passionate and relentless nature to make a difference for landlords...

Jan 30, 2020



Today we have with us the multidimensional and talented Sarah Saltzberg, who given her prior (and to some extent still current) career as a Broadway actress and screenwriter, brings to mind not only Billy Joel and his classic songs “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)” and...

Jan 9, 2020



Today’s guest brings to mind the words of the iconic artist Vincent Van Gogh, who once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Given how Vicente Wolf brings together the four elements of design – namely those of earth, water, air and fire – he takes Van...