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Jul 20, 2018


Christen Portelli is one of three co-founders and managing partners of the highly respected boutique investment sales firm Highcap Group. Included among the many superlatives that have described Christen in the marketplace are that of tenacity, go-getter, creative, optimistic, analytical and turnaround specialist. Christen, who as she will tell us later, morphed from graduating from the “Cuse” (yes, Syracuse University) while majoring in both political science and social work, to someone who from the early stages in her career to the present day, is continuously recognized as a significant “Woman in Real Estate” by the New York Real Estate Journal. When she’s not out there playing a part in helping to change the NYC skyline or making a difference for her clients, Christen enjoys yoga, working out and hiking.

Episode Notes:

At 3:50, Christen Portelli discusses why it is crucial to wake up with a passionate and optimistic outlook to start the day. At 4:59, Christen compares her typical day in the real estate industry to a blank canvas as no day is ever the same. At 5:45, Christen gives us a rundown of her professional path and how she “Started from the Bottom.” At 9:00, she describes her negotiating style as “quiet thunder” and why she prefers not to over broker. At 12:13, Christen notes that women have to continually prove themselves, due to the stereotypes that exist in the “boys club” of the commercial real estate industry. At 14:41, she adds that it is difficult to gain the level of respect that is deserved because the industry is heavily dominated by males. At 17:27, when Larry asks Christen how she goes about being the voice of reason during the course of a negotiation, she advises that it is important to take your ego and put it aside. At 20:30, Christen speaks about creative deal making, finding different ways to navigate the water and thinking outside the box.