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Aug 15, 2018


By way of background, Larry Cohen was born in the Bronx and, given how long he has been a Yankees season ticket holder, one can say he has played a part in building the Yankee’s new home since 2009 - although in a manner a bit differently than that of the way Babe Ruth built that house once known as the old Yankee Stadium. A happily married father of five kids, professionally speaking, Larry is partner-in-charge of the Business Management Hospitality Group of bi-coastal Marks Paneth LLP - a CPA firm ranked as one of the top 35 in the U.S. in terms of revenue and the 14th largest in the NY metropolitan area. In his prior real estate life, Larry was president and CEO of The Griffin Group, Inc., the investment and management company owned by Merv Griffin (who, for those not old enough to know or remember, was the ex-talk show host and successful hotel owner and game show creator with properties such as The Beverly Hilton Hotel and the long running and iconic game shows known as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to his credit). Before joining Griffin, Larry was a financial executive at Coca-Cola Entertainment and its successor, Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc. 

Episode Notes:

At 4:44, Larry Cohen notes that everyone brings something different to the table and has their own value add. At 6:37, Cohen explains why he feels efficiency comes from being organized. At 8:03, he discusses taking opportunity by the throat when it presents itself and how he ended up working at Coca-Cola Entertainment, and with Merv Griffin. At 12:57, Cohen tells us how two weeks on a job turned into a 25-year career. At 14:09, he said his biggest risk was leaving Coca-Cola to work directly with Merv. At 15:29, Cohen briefly shares the time he ate lasagna at 3:00 AM with President Donald Trump. At 16:52, he talks about finding a solution and building consensus. At 18:08, Cohen informs that the best deal he never did was for a casino in Nevada. At 21:06, he discusses the importance of making a difference for those who are unfortunate. At 24:04, Cohen notes that finding a balance between life and work requires work and revaluation everyday. At 26:01, he dives into his passion for the Yankees and his happy place – anywhere bonding with family. Merv Griffin described in his book that Larry’s one fault is that of being a Yankees fan. At 29:50, Cohen touches upon technology and social media and how he is always eager for the next tool and upgrade. At 31:27, he advises on “closing” in his profession and the closing mentality of not taking your eye off the ball. At 36:44, Larry Haber asks Cohen a “what would you do in this situation?” interview question. At 40:27, Cohen explains why “you can’t make it in business on your own.” At 41:50, he breaks down the current health of the hospitality industry and at 44:20 describes the impact of Airbnb on the hospitality industry as a whole. At 48:04, Cohen enlightens us about his “oh my” moment at Columbia Pictures. At 49:51, Larry Cohen closes out the discussion Mariano Rivera-esque style.