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Sep 6, 2018


Neil Garfinkel, a graduate of the University at Albany and Cornell Law School, serves as Managing Partner of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP, one of the top residential real estate, banking and mortgage compliance law firms in New York, with offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Long Island. In addition to Neil's management responsibilities, he runs AGMB’s Real Estate Group and Banking Group, is brokerage counsel to (and handles the legal hotline for) the Real Estate Board of New York (“REBNY”), and recently was appointed to the New York State Real Estate Board by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, all while simultaneously maintaining numerous client relationships. Neil, The Broker Guru, describes his firm and his practice in one word, and that is dynamic. Anyone who has somehow perfected the art of blending law and dynamic into a soothing cocktail is someone you should want to party with both professionally and personally speaking.


Episode Notes:

At 3:02, Neil Garfinkel discusses having no clients going back 23 years when he first started his firm, focusing and gaining a core knowledge of representing the real estate brokerage community, and making a career of learning and focusing on a particular specialty. At 5:44, he notes “If someone asked me what's the key to being successful… Education. Educate yourself. Continue to educate yourself. Never take anything for granted.” At 7:46, as to how Neil continues to master his craft, he informs us that, "Whatever you do be the best at what you can be.” He used to tell his kids that “There is always going to be someone better. Don’t worry about what they’re doing. Worry about yourself. If you’re going to do something, do it the best that you can possibly do it.” At 8:05, Larry Haber discusses Gus, the night watchman at 1430 Broadway and his pride in workmanship. At 8:50, Neil points out that it is personally and professionally recognized when you put the time to be the best you can be - it is something people notice. At 9:50, he advises that you cannot necessarily control how smart you are, but you can control how hard you work. At 12:40, Neil touches upon how, if you treat your associates well and your employees well, they will in turn treat your clients well. At 15:50, Neil was asked how he dares to be different, and he replied by creating opportunities in the verticals that we know really well. At 17:40, he discusses the constantly changing real estate industry, and how only those who put themselves in position to adapt to the changes will survive. At 21:15, Neil’s mantra that the client is always right. At 25:42, he informs how he goes about filling holes in his knowledge, and how being smart is not about how much you know, it’s knowing when you don’t know something. At 28:20, Neil talks about how he finds the proper balance between life and business. At 31:47, he dives into the topic of failure and how one should not be afraid to fail - it’s all about how you rebound from failure. At 32:57, Neil Garfinkel describes his “happy place” - the golf course and spending time with his family and friends.