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Oct 10, 2018


Today it is truly my pleasure to have with us someone who I consider to be among the titans of hospitality royalty, namely Heather Tierney, the dare to be different restaurant, bar and design visionary, and owner of the cutting edge and vegan friendly bi-coastal restaurant The Butcher’s Daughter, a place that makes me for one feel as if I am truly happy to be home when I’m there. Rumor has it that the enduring trendsetter and Hoosier at heart – who took her talents to Southern California earlier this decade – very well may have been (at least in my mind at least) the inspiration for LeBron James to do the same earlier this year. When Heather isn’t making a difference in the hospitality industry, she enjoys spending as much time with her son Marley and husband Jake, while pursuing her passions – specifically wellness, yoga, boxing and paddle boarding whenever she can.


Episode Notes:

At 2:28, Heather Tierney discusses her passion for her design, food and beverage businesses, and her first job in the food industry working at Time Out New York. At 3:21, Heather informs us of the cocktail bar she opened along with her brother (namely Apotheke in Chinatown). At 5:10, she explains the importance for one to follow their own path, by doing what you love, and the ability to delegate. At 7:00, Heather touches upon boxing on the beach with her husband Jake, the yearly retreat for employees of The Butcher’s Daughter, and leading by positive reinforcement (and not fear)! At 8:36, she talks about the non-profit work she participates in, and being a part of the community. At 9:56, Heather advises that creating a “vibe” is something you can’t buy. At 11:33, she describes herself as a designer/creator driven to create experiences. At 12:18, Heather discusses the art of juggling, figuring out “the balance” and carving out personal time. At 14:42, she shares that she’s a dreamer at heart, and that visions come to her when she is alone in a quiet place (allowing her mind to wander). At 16:12, Heather informs how the The Butcher’s Daughter name came about. At 20:53, she talks about majoring in marketing at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, moving to London upon graduation, then moving to New York, and lastly, learning on the job with no prior writing experience at Time Out New York. At 25:07, Heather gives her take on risk and being an entrepreneur. At 26:52, she notes the importance of small things and finishing touches. At 27:55, Heather describes The Butcher’s Daughter in NoLita as a little restaurant with a big footprint. At 29:36, she points out that motherhood is slowing her down a bit, and she is more selective as to what projects she is taking on as a result. At 33:01, Heather dives into her morning routine of mediation and coffee on the beach. At 34:38, she said, “I only take up the RAM of the program that’s right in front of me.” At 37:00, Heather Tierney closes the podcast by touching upon the happiness of her employees, and creating a community and culture.