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Oct 31, 2018


Today we are fortunate to have with us none other than the ultra-sizzling Richard Pisnoy, who this past March was named for the 2nd year in a row among Mortgage Professional America Magazine’s Hot 100 banking professionals in its annual list of the industry’s power players. Rich is the co-founder and principal of Silver Fin Capital, the #1 rated Certified Lender in New York State by Lending Tree (the nation's leading online lender exchange). When Rich isn’t busy making a difference for his clients, writing articles for industry publications or being quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times or The Real Deal Magazine, he is either playing hockey or golf, enjoying a good football game, coaching little league or most of all, spending time with his family.


Episode Notes:

At 2:37, Rich Pisnoy shares his passion for interacting with and really understanding people. At 3:28, Rich notes that when he was a senior in high school, his teacher told him he had the “gift of gab,” and at the time didn’t know whether or not this was a good or bad thing. At 4:20, he touches upon not having the proper work-life balance early on in his career, which eventually led him to construct a support team that dramatically improved his balance and overall happiness. At 5:28, Rich discusses providing good service, the importance of being available, listening to clients and having the utmost integrity. At 6:30, he talks about the need to be real, good, forthright and forthcoming. He notes that people in the industry are looking to make a quick buck and are selling in fear, while he conversely has a long term outlook. At 8:06, Rich shares that he is all for regulation in the industry, but wishes for a more level playing field. At 9:38, he advises that happiness is important, and that moods and attitudes are contagious in the workplace. At 11:48, Rich touches upon “spillover” within the industry, and short sighted individuals who don’t possess a long term vision. At 13:43, he differentiates confidence versus cockiness. At 15:12, Rich channels Herb Brooks while discussing team building within Silver Fin Capital - the name on the front is more important than the name on the back. At 16:44, he discusses having an open mind, partnership, and the impact of being stubborn when it comes to change. At 18:06, Rich shares a self-help story involving his brother and father, which ultimately contributed to him growing up. At 20:36, he informs first time home buyers about “rainy day funds.” At 22:50, Rich points out how rejection motivates and propels him forward. At 23:21, he said, “You need to always be moving forward. If you lose something, make up for it. [...]” At 24:23, Rich dishes on job hopping, and what happens when a resume with job hopping comes across his desk. At 26:26, he dives into what he enjoys building. At 28:51, Rich talks about how business is always changing, and how one must adapt to the ongoing changes. At 30:07, he shares that his views on being a child at heart. At 32:03, Rich notes how exercising acts as a daily wake-up call for him. At 32:57, he describes the time of his life, and being a “camp kid.” At 34:25, Rich talks about how playing golf and hockey and working around the house helps clear the mind. At 36:10, Pisnoy concludes the podcast with some thoughts on living life to fullest, having fun and being good.