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Real Estate REality Check | Real Estate & Business Career Success Education and Training

Nov 14, 2018


Today’s guest is the Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichick and John Wooden of commercial real estate coaching - yes, that’s right my friends - Rod Santomassimo, the founder and president of The Massimo Group and author of “Brokers Who Dominate: 8 Traits of Top Producers” and “Commercial Real Estate Teams Built to Dominate.” The man subconsciously channels Christopher Columbus given his talent to help commercial brokers “stop the drift,” as he and his team help brokers find a new world by creating a plan and a purpose to secure and make a difference for their clients.


Episode Notes:

At 2:03, Rod Santomassimo shares what he enjoys building, in particular that of an individual’s business. At 3:09, Rod notes that one must fail (consistently) in order to grow. At 4:19, he describes how he and his team solve problems through conducting personality and business assessments on clients. At 5:07, Rod points out that one must have optimism and possess the vision to grow, because there is always another way. At 7:15, he discusses that one must be motivated and coachable in order to grow. At 8:40, Rod conveys that establishing goals is the first step in coaching clients, which may include setting short term goals in order to build “winning streaks.” At 9:33, he touches upon the meaning of “stop the drift.” At 10:59, Rod believes that one must attack the day with a combination of enthusiasm and action. At 12:00, he shares how he finds relaxation through biking and running while listening to an audio book on business (particularly on the topics of motivation and goal setting). He also enlightens us that he is most relaxed when playing lacrosse with friends. At 13:26, Rod notes that when The Massimo Group surveys the real estate industry, the majority of individuals share that they joined the industry because of the money factor. At 17:56, he points out that his firm consistently pauses and reflects before moving forward in its coaching curriculum. At 19:01, Rod informs that The Massimo Group is constantly revisiting its programs and adjusting its methods, based on the needs of its clients and the marketplace. At 21:25, he discusses teaching clients the balance (prospecting and presence), the “ask” for business, and why picking up the phone is productive! At 23:19, Rod said, “Do you live in a world today of scarcity or abundance? [...] Because that’s going to craft how you act.” At 24:39, he notes that personally he has three coaches, given his belief that there is always room to grow. At 26:47, Rod touches upon the darkness in the market, and the overall dip in velocity. At 28:57, he dishes on careers, one’s first job, and the power of networking. At 32:10, Rod explains his truth that “No one is better me, and I am better than no one.” At 33:22, he flashes back to 2008, being laid off, and eventually starting The Massimo Group. At 35:01, Santomassimo closes the door with a dual message regarding transformation and investment in oneself.