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Feb 19, 2019


Today’s guest is one of CBRE’s rising stars, namely Zachary Price. Zac, who is a Vice President in their Global Advisory & Transaction Services group, is responsible for business development and transaction implementation on behalf of clients he secured, as well as several of CBRE’s global and prominent regional corporate clients. Zac, who possesses a tireless work ethic, was recognized a few years ago by the Commercial Observer as one of their “30 Under 30” elite group of up-and-comers in NYC commercial real estate. When he is not channeling Bruce Springsteen’s song “Out in the Street” by pounding the pavement to make a difference for his clients, he is busy piggybacking on Bruce’s mantra of “Born to Run,” as his passion for life extends to the manner in which he wind sprints in the NYC Marathon, with a time that approaches breaking the 3-hour mark.


Episode Notes:

At 2:21, Zac discusses the importance of leaving a great first impression. At 3:25, Price talks about the industry specific market groups at CBRE, and how he goes about accumulating knowledge through these groups. At 4:34, he shares beginning his real estate career at Cushman Wakefield in 2007 on Long Island, and his path to joining CBRE in their downtown New York City office. At 6:20, Zac notes that the most important facet in his life is that of giving back and helping others. At 7:02, Price informs us that he is running in the Chicago Marathon in October. At 7:40, he dives into his negotiating style and the “iceberg.” At 9:06, Zac touches upon how he builds trust and navigates a deal with his clients. At 9:59, Price mentions that he is a big believer in a team structure, and why one must prioritize by separating what is to “do” from what is “due.” At 11:59, he speaks about how he is continually tapping into the different resources within the various service lines at CBRE. At 13:32, Zac talks about the most rewarding words a client has told him. At 15:29, Price states that he is locked in 24/7 to this business, but always creates time to reset the mind. At 16:55, he shares that he likes the method of polite persistence in following up with a prospective client. At 17:50, Zac notes that downturns create opportunity, and feels that one must learn to adapt to the current conditions in the marketplace. At 22:02, Price discusses persistently calling and canvassing years in advance of a lease expiring in the hopes of scoring a client. At 24:50, he informs us of his thoughts pertaining to social media, and that he scored one of his best meetings off of LinkedIn. At 26:56, Zac stresses that one must recognize when they don’t know the answer, and find the expert who does. At 29:22, Larry Haber asks Zac a hypothetical “what would you do in this situation” type of question. At 33:34, Price believes that if one is exploring the office leasing arena, one needs to be at a firm with a large platform with a great depth of resources. At 35:38, he shares that running has changed his life for the better, and that he met his new best friends through Brooklyn Track Club. At 38:47, Zac Price closes the podcast with a message on work-life balance, and having fun with it (it’s just real estate).