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Mar 21, 2019


Today is a real treat my real estate brethren, as I bring to you a friend that I have known since middle school - who over 20 years ago founded the trendsetting RKF Retail Holdings, and one of the premier and dominating retail real estate firms in the country - yes, it’s the chairman of RKF and Newmark Knight Frank’s national retail leasing division, namely Robert K. Futterman. During his career, Robert has played a starring role in helping to revitalize not only many of New York City’s significant retail markets, but also that of reshaping the retail landscape of the Vegas strip, and South Beach as well. With the recent acquisition of RKF by Newmark, Robert’s passion to make a difference will be on full display as he will be responsible for the further growth of the firm's retail real estate business throughout North America. Playing off of the title of an old Grateful Dead song, given Robbie’s unparalleled expertise in both landlord and tenant representation, in short, he epitomizes the words “Help on the Way.”

Episode Notes:

At 2:15, Robert K. Futterman touches upon being a sponge, acquiring knowledge, and then passing on that knowledge to others. At 3:20, Robert shares that he has been energized by RKF recently being acquired by Newmark Knight Frank, and that the energy has permeated onto those who work at RKF. At 4:12, Futterman believes that luck is the byproduct of staying engaged while working hard. At 5:17, he notes that his dad thankfully passed along to him the traits of honesty, integrity and hard work, and that he works to instill the same attributes in his sons and those who work at RKF. At 6:08, Robert discusses pounding the pavement as a canvasser from the get-go early in his real estate career, and he points out that he is still a canvasser of new opportunities. At 7:02, Futterman informs of his “oh my moment” in 1998 when Gap was his #1 client. At 8:36, he elaborates on making a difference, and that it has always been in his nature to lend a helping hand. At 10:19, Robert defines his management style as an “in your face-hands on” New Yorker who doesn’t like procrastination. At 11:22, Futterman speaks about millennial patterns, and the need to adapt in the current retail landscape. At 13:55, Robert talks about how he has dared to be different in business. At 15:17, Futterman advises on the ever changing retail market, and why one must be diligent and extremely focused while simultaneously staying in their lane. At 17:00, he points out that there is no other niche in real estate that has the opportunity for creativity and innovation that retail brings. At 18:18, Robert shares some kind words about his partners at RKF. At 19:34, Futterman touches upon failure and adversity, and that there’s risk and reward in everything you do. At 20:49, he dives into finding the balance between life and business by carving out time for his kids and hobbies. At 21:59, Robert shares some pointers in regards to one’s job search. At 22:42, Futterman brings us back to his college days at the University of Maryland while sharing a memory of promoting a Grateful Dead concert and hanging with Jerry Garcia. At 24:43, Robert K. Futterman closes out the podcast with a message on living in the moment.