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Real Estate REality Check | Real Estate & Business Career Success Education and Training

Apr 11, 2019


Today we are fortunate to have with us the multi-talented Beth Azor, the founder and owner of Azor Advisory Services, a leading commercial real estate advisory and investment firm based in Southeast Florida. Quite simply, Beth is someone who continually pays it forward for those entering and in the real estate industry. In addition to being a successful real estate owner and broker in Florida and beyond, Beth - known as “The Canvassing Queen” - is a person who takes the great poet W. B. Yeats’ line “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” to heart when it comes to passing along her many coaching mantras, which have played a part for so many students and professionals in real estate in reaching their full potential.

Episode Notes:

At 2:00, Beth Azor shares that there is no magic pill for her truth … hard work! At 4:28, Beth discusses how she goes about acquiring and accumulating knowledge, and why one must surround themselves with individuals who are smarter than them. At 7:15, Azor talks about accountability, and the importance of educational training. At 10:04, she defines rejection as getting over your fear, and informs us of her book club on dealing with rejection, among other topics. At 12:25, Beth informs us of the time persistence and believing in herself paid off on a particular deal, and also of her “5 to 7 no’s rule.” At 14:55, Azor touches upon waking up every day with a sense of gratitude, and of her anonymous good deeds. At 17:48, Beth points out that she has not faced a lot of challenges being a woman in the industry, and advises that one must find a mentor, boss, or leader who has no glass ceiling. At 21:51, Beth challenges those hiring to hire for diversity, as leaders need to bring different perspectives to the table. At 22:59, Azor dives into how education and constantly learning helps her adapt to the ongoing changes in the real estate landscape. At 25:15, she asks Larry Haber a question in regards to the student debt crisis, and discusses her thoughts on home buying and mobility amongst millennials. At 28:38, Beth speaks about being a “half-full” girl and her positive mindset. At 30:46, Azor shares that she is a big believer in that “riches are in the niches.” At 33:33, she strongly feels that retailers must learn to be “frictionless,” as time cannot bought. At 35:49, Beth talks about being off the grid in her happy place of Kauai, Hawaii. At 36:58, Beth Azor closes out the podcast with a message on the two things that one can control in life: attitude and work ethic.