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Jul 25, 2019


Today we have with us Drew Katz, who aside from being a successful businessman, passionately and relentlessly channels the title of that old Neil Young song “Heart of Gold” when it comes to his family, friends, and all of his philanthropic pursuits. In addition to being an owner of real estate in a few emerging areas, Drew is the CEO of Interstate Outdoor Advertising, whose mission is that of being at the forefront of innovative design, emerging technologies and social purpose. So much of what Drew stands for can be summed up in his quote when he was honored by Oprah Winfrey’s magazine a few years back: “You don’t need incredible resources to impact another human being. You can make a difference by being conscious, [and] by thinking of creative ways to make others feel good about themselves.”


Episode Notes: 

At 2:37, Drew Katz discusses his father imparting on him that the most precious asset is time. At 4:15, Drew dives into how he keeps his mind focused on the big picture, along with how to prioritize new responsibility. At 6:48, Katz notes that the way in which one responds to struggle in life dictates the quality of one's life. At 7:57, he shares a story from 1996, when at 25-years-old he entered the billboard world fresh out of Stanford Law School. At 12:20, Drew gives his thoughts on the billboard industry and dealing with local governments for approval. At 16:35, Katz speaks about the 20 Bruckner Boulevard project he and his partners are currently redeveloping into a school. At 19:06, he discusses the projects he is currently working on, including The Lewis, named after his late father Lewis Katz. At 20:29, Drew shares his thoughts on Interstate Outdoor Advertising’s not-for-profit billboard plan with the city of Camden, New Jersey. At 24:59, Katz advises those just starting out in business to seek out mentors. At 26:19, he points out that he does his best to surround himself with those who have a “can do” positive attitude. At 27:37, Drew discusses Newark’s infrastructure, transportation systems, as well as its proximity to New York City. At 28:54, Katz talks about “outkicking your coverage” and his long-time friend and 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker’s quote “rarely in life has something good not come from something bad.” At 32:32, Drew Katz closes out the podcast with a message in regards to living in a world where people were more open and kind.