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Oct 29, 2019



Today we have with us none other than Gary Malin, the always charming, engaging, insightful and giving President of Citi Habitats, a New York City based real estate brokerage firm specializing in sales and the leasing of over 10,000 apartments annually. Crazy as this may sound to you, given Gary’s positive spirit and mindset, when I speak to him, the classic songs by Jamaican reggae legend Jimmy Cliff come to mind, namely that of “No Problems Only Solutions” and “You Can Get It If You Really Want.” 


Episode Notes:


At 1:50, Gary Malin discusses his father providing him with a foundation of honesty and integrity, and shares how his legal training and background helps him in business. At 3:30, Gary touches upon the negative implications of the Housing Stability Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (“HSTPA 2019”). At 6:47, Malin notes the effect of the HSTPA 2019 on owners, and how tenant advocates did a better job advocating in Albany. At 10:19, he speaks on the difficulty of balancing the interests of agents and the interests of the business, and informs that he works for the agents of Citi Habitats, not the other way around. At 12:08, Gary informs that he infuses the message to agents that “We are in the hospitality business.” At 13:43, Malin highlights Citi Habitats’ embracing of change and never being complacent. At 15:40, he talks about flexibility and how renting offers tenants the “ability to test drive the car without buying the car.” At 18:14, Gary notes that he doesn’t look at buying a home as an investment. At 21:36, Malin discusses Citi Habitats culture and being able to relate to agents no matter of age. At 23:05, he touches upon branding Citi Habitats on social media, as well as conducting digital audits with Citi Habitats’ top agents. At 25:45, Gary points out the necessity of agents putting in the time, effort and commitment to earn access to a clients sphere of influence. At 28:00, Malin provides his thoughts on the impact of technology and iBuying. At 30:53, he speaks on being honest, constructive and having the best interest of clients at heart. At 32:39, Gary stresses that brokers must realize the importance of communication and responsiveness when representing clients. At 35:06, Malin shares some of his passions. At 36:38, Gary Malin closes out the podcast with a message on being truthful in your everyday dealings and mindful as to the imprint you’re leaving.