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Real Estate REality Check | Real Estate & Business Career Success Education and Training

Nov 20, 2019



Integral components to being a successful real estate broker include that of having a relentless passion to make a difference for one’s clients, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (and the ability to use it properly and to your advantage), to be cognizant of when you don’t have all of the answers, and to be smart enough to not only know it (while making like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire by finding someone to complete you). Given my experiences on a number of deals I have worked on with him, that is what the never shy and always entertaining Lance Leighton, Senior Managing Director at Savills, brings to the table … along with the ability to channel Paul McCartney during a difficult negotiation by conveying the message “there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friends, we can work it out!”


Episode Notes:


At 2:12, Lance Leighton shares who he is and notes that “extra” is the best word to describe him. At 2:58, Lance dishes on how technology will continue to change how to market oneself and his or her brand. At 6:00, Leighton talks about leveraging video content. At 7:57, he discusses how technology has impacted him. At 9:50, Leighton shares Savills occupier technology platform in Knowledge³, as well as his thoughts on workplace efficiency. At 11:34, he touches upon landlords adapting to change, and the commercial real estate industry being slow to adapt to change. At 14:38, Lance speaks about commutation for employees, and how landlords are using creative methods in order to attract tenants. At 16:39, Leighton informs that he is “all-in” or “all-out” in anything he does. At 18:16, he points out that his role as a broker is to help clients solve significant problems, while also anticipating those problems before they happen. At 21:30, Lance highlights being a consultant, a trusted advisor and building relationships. At 22:41, Leighton discusses the evolution of his canvassing style, and running the broker training program at Savills. At 25:45, he dives into experiential, interactive, and “Instagram worthy” retail. At 28:28, Lance believes that the introduction of new technology will not kill off brokers, and instead will simplify the role of a broker. At 32:00, Leighton talks about,, as well as his mentor in Evan Margolin. At 35:33, he makes note that he wears his heart on his sleeve and “you see what you get.” At 36:43, Lance shares his thoughts on “positivity,” “excitement,” and the brutal amount of rejection in the commercial real estate industry. At 39:35, Leighton points out the importance of authenticity and passion in work. At 41:43, Lance Leighton closes out the podcast with advice he received from his mentor Evan Margolin in imagining that every call that you make or email that you send is going to get back to the CEO.