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Dec 11, 2019


Right before their great dual presentation at the NYC Real Estate Expo 2019 on October 24, Lou Diamond and Jen Du Plessis joined us for an impromptu podcast. Lou, the CEO and founder of Thrive and host of Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond podcast, is “a dynamic speaker and master connector who will energize and motivate your organization to explode your sales, retain your clients and build a thriving culture.” Jen is a rock star in her own right, as she began her mortgage lending career in high school and is Principal at Kinetic Spark Consulting, author of “Launch! How to Take Your Business to New Heights,” and host of the Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast.


Episode Notes: 

At 1:30, Lou Diamond talks about the skills he believes are needed to be a good connector, the power of empathy, and listening being a lost art form. At 4:54, Lou discusses solving problems, and points out that rarely is a company able to synthesize specifically the problem(s) they solve. At 6:46, Diamond shares that he helps individuals in companies thrive through connecting by way of figuring out the process, as well as “unleashing superpowers” within those individuals he aids. At 8:48, he notes the importance of authenticity and messaging on social media. At 10:58, Lou Diamond closes out his segment of the podcast with his dream of playing 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club, the fulfillment he feels in spending quality time with his family, and why “Lou = NY.” At 14:31, Jen Du Plessis discusses her book “Launch! How to Take Your Business to New Heights,” and “finder, minder, grinder.” At 15:51, Jen touches upon living a lifestyle centered around “not sabotaging life.” At 17:18, Du Plessis speaks about not believing in balance, being all-in, and “going on vacation everyday.” At 18:59, she talks about taking action and achieving results. At 19:30, Jen describes her passion in helping people succeed, as well as her family. At 20:57, Du Plessis shares her dream “circle of trust.” At 22:48, dishes on her belief that one must find a “tribe” that completes you. At 25:19, Jen Du Plessis closes out the podcast as she dives into the topic of women in real estate (and the mortgage space) and the #MeToo movement.