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Jul 13, 2018


Born in Brooklyn, Scott Panzer, a Vice Chairman at Jones Lang LaSalle, graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry as well as an M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting. It can be said that Scott was actually the inspiration for the phrase “The Decision” that LeBron James made popular in 2010, when Scott decided to take his talents (and his then 13 member team) over to JLL in 2009. Since becoming a service provider in 1992, he has closed well over 35 million SF of assignments encompassing all facets of real estate, with an emphasis on tenant representation, agency leasing and consulting. In 2011 and 2013, Scott was named JLL’s #1 Broker Worldwide, with some of his plum assignments including that of NBC Universal’s 1.4MM SF deal at 30 Rock Center, AXA Equitable’s 800,000 SF lease restructuring of their New York Headquarters and representation of the iconic Solow Building at 9 West 57th Street. When Scott is not working, he enjoys travelling, restoring and racing cars, flying his plane and spending time with his family.

Episode Notes:

At 3:05, Scott Panzer notes that he likes to look at history because it helps him understand what he is really doing as he moves forward in life. At 3:50, when asked about mastering his craft, he said, “It’s really taking yourself from the fire into the pot and getting into that mix of soup and figuring it all out.” At 5:48, in regards to adding value, Scott talks about Sun Tzu’s 5th century BC book The Art of War. At 6:27, he touches upon luck, taking advantage of that luck, being at the right place at the right time, and how he ended up in the real estate industry in 1986 after stints at both Reader’s Digest and Maxwell Communication Corporation. At 9:00, Scott discusses a philanthropic foundation he founded in 2017 and the importance of paying it forward. At 10:08, he describes his negotiating style as “chameleonish” and compares negotiation to chess and intellectual sparring. At 13:14, Scott points out that stress is the #1 disrupter of the body’s ecosystem and how stress can consume you if you don’t compartmentalize it. At 14:40, he discusses his life, work and “me time” balance, along with his passion to race cars, fly his personal plane and travel. At 16:45, Panzer highlights the positive impact Jack O’Hara, then Chairman of Reader’s Digest, and his other mentors had on him during his career. At 18:40, he notes how the mindsets of today’s younger generation differ compared to when he was in the early stages of his career. At 22:49, Scott stresses the importance of sleep and being alone with your thoughts. At 26:05, he advises that, “I don’t measure myself against others.” At 26:26, Scott takes us through his morning routine (scarring visuals aside!). At 28:56, Panzer closes out the podcast with, “I would want to end your segment as if somebody was giving the eulogy about me.”