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Aug 2, 2019


Today we have with us Joe Farkas, who in addition to being a great guy and charming individual, is the CEO and founder of Metropolitan Realty Associates, a fully integrated private real estate investment and development company specializing in opportunistic and adaptive re-use investments in the New York metropolitan area, as well as select U.S. markets. Although Joe very well was not aware that for the better part of his career he has been channeling my Albert Einstein, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lionel Richie “add value, master your craft, start from the bottom, create a brick house of knowledge, bring your A game theory,” given his track record and passion to make a difference for his investors and the community, he most certainly has.


Episode Notes:

At 2:20, Joe Farkas dives into Metropolitan Realty Associates (“MRA”) and its reputation and longevity in the business. At 4:58, Joe discusses MRA finding value in the retail asset class, and touches upon location, positioning and timing as it relates to retail. At 9:11, Farkas advises that one must be smart in buying retail, and notes his fascination with the retail leasing business and forming long lasting relationships with tenants. At 11:40, he gives his perspective on the industrial investment world and demand for last mile delivery. At 18:33, Joe imparts knowledge and advice for those new to real estate, and speaks on giving back through the means of education. At 22:26, Farkas shares his belief in that everything starts from the bottom. At 27:21, Larry Haber asks Joe a question in regards to if “nice guys finish last.” At 28:27, Joe talks about Long Island City pre and post Amazon’s “head fake.” At 32:06, Farkas provides his stance on the laws and regulations recently enacted. At 35:09, Farkas highlights the two best days of his life. At 36:50, he reveals his happy places in Aspen and Turks and Caicos. At 38:12, Joe Farkas closes the podcast sharing his dream in building a superstructure in Manhattan.