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Mar 4, 2020


Although stated in a different context by David Byrne recently during his hit Broadway show American Utopia, Matt Giffune, the co-founder of Occupier, does have a bit in common with Mr. Byrne when it comes to the benefits of collaboration. Just as David said, “By giving more, I get more,” the same can be said of the benefits that a user receives from Occupier's online deal and portfolio management collaboration software for tenants of commercial space.


Episode Notes:

At 1:52, Matt Giffune opens up the podcast with his thoughts on “getting small wins” and “playing the long game.” At 3:24, Matt touches upon mastering the fundamentals, always believing that he is “still at the bottom,” and his mentality that there’s always room for improvement. At 6:24, Giffune notes his previous role as broker in Boston, along with the inefficiencies that exist within the industry. At 8:03, he talks about leaving JLL and his transition to working at VTS. At 9:54, Matt dives into how Occupier came to fruition, and how it filled a hole in the marketplace. At 12:32, Giffune explains how Occupier’s product differentiates itself from its competitors. At 14:43, he shares how technology has changed and allows him to stay hyper-connected to anything he cares about. At 17:46, Matt notions that spreadsheets are “dangerous” if not used for the right application. At 19:21, Giffune speaks on how Occupier provides a medium for real estate professionals to “do the right thing” with the leasing process. At 22:17, he gives his take on the PropTech sector of the industry. At 24:44, Matt mentions how working at VTS provided the opportunity for him to step outside of his “broker skin,” and exposed him to see how other companies operate. At 27:06, Giffune elaborates on developing relationships and being a big believer in serendipity, by sharing a story from his brokerage days. At 29:38, he touches upon WeWork and the realm of co-working. At 33:22, Matt suggests that there is “no magic pill” to take to be successful in the real estate industry, and instead believes that one must “absorb, listen, and ask.” At 35:23, Giffune credits his wife for being his safety net in life, and his dad for being a great sounding board for him to bounce ideas off of. At 39:50, Matt dishes on failure, the willingness to make mistakes, and the need for one to place themselves in the “pain cave” in order to grow. At 41:48, Matt Giffune closes out the podcast on how he wants to be remembered: He hopes that people think that he treated them with respect, and that he had great taste in music.